Linux Kernel 3.2 Released

This release includes support for Ext4 block sizes bigger than 4KB and up to 1MB, which improve performance with big files; btrfs has been updated with faster scrubbing, automatic backup of critical filesystem metadata and tools for manual inspection of the filesystems; the process scheduler has added support to set upper limits of CPU time; the desktop reponsiveness in presence of heavy writes has been improved, TCP has been updated to include an algorithm which speeds up the recovery of the connection aft

Symantec Confirms Hackers Accessed Source Code of Two Enterprise Security Products

On Thursday evening, SecurityWeek and other news outlets reported on news that hackers claimed to have accessed the source code to an unspecified version of Symantec’s Norton Antivirus product. It turns out that the hackers did get their hands on some code, but their claims are off a bit. Norton is a consumer-focused product, and Symantec has confirmed, that from what they have seen thus far, the code that has been accessed by the attackers was from their Enterprise product line.

The 9 Oddest Job Interview Questions Asked at Tech Companies in 2011

When sitting down for a job interview at a top U.S. tech company, you’d typically expect the interviewer to hammer you with questions testing your abilities, past history and knowledge of the company. You wouldn’t think it was the time or the place to start exploring solutions to world hunger, but that’s exactly what happened to one candidate looking to be a software developer at Amazon.

Sony and Samsung Shift to New LCD Panel Business Alliance

• Samsung to acquire all of Sony's shares of S-LCD, making the joint venture its wholly-owned subsidiary
• Sony and Samsung enter into a strategic agreement for supply and purchase of LCD panels.

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation (“Sony”) and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Samsung”) today announced that the two companies have signed agreements to transition the current business relationship with respect to LCD panels.

HP updates drivers to fix for LaserJet exploits

HP has posted a new driver update for its web-connected and networked LaserJet printers in an attempt to plug a malware explot. The was brought on after findings from Columbia University were revealed late in November. While no customers have reported attacks, HP claimed, the firmware upgrade would prevent them from happening in the first place.

Seagate Completes Acquisition of Samsung’s Hard Disk Drive Business

Hard drive maker Seagate is now just a little bit bigger today. The company announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of the hard drive division that was previously owned by Samsung. Seagate paid Samsung $1.4 billion for its hard drive division which includes both cash as well as Seagate stock.

Seagate and Western Digital cutting hard drive warranties in 2012

Two major hard drive manufacturers, Seagate and Western Digital, are cutting their warranties to as little as one year. Starting on December 31st, Seagate will cut protection for most standard desktop and notebook drives from five years to one, and other drives, including its hybrid Momentus XT, will get three-year warranties instead of five-year ones. Meanwhile, Western Digital is reducing the warranties for three of its drives — the Caviar Blue, Caviar Green, and Scorpio Blue — from three years to two, starting January 2nd.

IE to Start Automatic Upgrades across Windows XP / Vista / 7

Ryan Gavin, the General Manager for Internet Explorer Business and Marketing, has written in the Windows Blog that starting from January, Microsoft will automatically update older Internet Explorer versions on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.  This will take place for Australia and Brazil first and then, roll out to the rest of the world. Automatic Updates setting in Windows Update is required to turn on.

Ryan Gavin wrote below :

Former Facebook competitor Hi5 gets bought

Former Facebook competitor Hi5 gets bought Another social network knocked out by Facebook has been forced to sell itself.

Former social network and now social gaming site Hi5 has been acquired by fellow social network Tagged for an undisclosed amount.

FAA grants American Airlines approval to use iPads on all flights

Six months after receiving approval from the FAA to test of iPads as replacements for traditional paper flight charts, American Airlines is set to be the first commercial carrier to use Apple's device in all phases of flight.

Citing an unnamed source, ZDNet reported on Tuesday that American Airlines (AA) will become the first airline in the world to have FAA approval to use iPads as digital flight manual readers, and will begin replacing traditional paper charts on Friday.


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