Drupal 6 RC4 is now available

Drupal 6 RC4 is now available HERE

Drupal 6 RC4 Release Note

We are proud to present the fourth release candidate of Drupal 6.0. Building on the extensive testing of the third release candidate, we have discovered and fixed a number of critical issues, including errors during search indexing in languages with accented characters, the display of unpublished content in menus and book outlines, and localized menu data being saved into the database. Thanks to the cooperation between the jQuery and Drupal communities, we have also updated the version of jQuery to be included with Drupal 6 to the latest 1.2.3 release. I want to publicly thank jQuery's John Resig and his team for providing a new jQuery release in time for Drupal 6!

Although I had hoped that the third release candidate would be our last before Drupal 6's official release, our priority is to ensure that Drupal 6 is the fastest, most stable, and feature-filled version of Drupal yet. We've translated your experiences with the previous release candidates (including my own upgrade of drupal.hu) into a number of bug fixes, and will be watching closely for any other last-minute issues. I'm again hopeful that this will be the final release candidate before the official release of Drupal 6.0.

The following bugs have been fixed since the previous release candidate:

* #215992 by dww: provide information for upgrades from Drupal 5 with update status module
* #216632 by webernet, dww: more accessible update information screen
* #200028 by dww: trivial syntax fix in cache clearing
* #216890 by gpk with documentation from myself: blog API clients do not pass on the teaser_include flag, so only act on that flag, if we have it
* #157652 by beginner, Steven Merrill and killes: block_user() had a global user object and a user parameter colliding
* #216404 by Rob Loach: path_nodeapi() only worked for users with permissions, although node loading requires the path to be loaded
* #216858 by jvandyk, moshe weitzman: fix plain wrong and misleading user module phpdoc blocks
* #216061 by Eaton: nid was not set in node creation (programatic node creation regression)
* #217324 by Takafumi: trivial missing t() in taxonomy module
* #216750 by dww: Security releases from higher branches were not ignored in all cases (critical)
* #172597 by Rob Loach: minor double escaping in profile module
* #197833 by gdevlugt: node filtering theme function was not applied (minor)
* #204071 by Pancho: use UTF-8 aware string length counting in node_teaser() (minor)
* #117748 by quicksketch: short fix to trim() required fields for validation, with documentation
* #217180 by Gerhard Killesreiter: remove outdated information on Debian package maintainer
* #215858 by pwolanin: localized menu options were saved into the database, avoid this by using different variable names / array keys
* #216238 by theborg: theme descriptions were not translated properly (minor)
* #117748 rollback: this was not well tested
* #217926 by dropcube: Garland and Minnelli was updated for Drupal 6, but their code comments were not (minor)
* #215958 by pwolanin: fix form API link in PHP filter module help (minor)
* #217771 by dww: avoid confusing wrapping of release dates in update status module (minor)
* #215858 follow up by pwolanin: fix a fatal error in book module breadcrumb creation (critical)
* #218319 by moshe weitzman: translated menu link altering was not possible (critical regression)
* #214513 by Lynn: break was missing in system_send_email_action(), causing the action code to fall over to a different context (critical)
* #210131 by John Resig, dvessel with several testers: jQuery 1.2.3
* #218436 by scor: update jQuery copyright year number as well in COPYRIGHT.txt (minor)
* #218471 by pwolanin: exclude unpublished nodes from menus and books (critical)
* #215858 follow up by pwolanin: external links were not properly localizing options (critical)
* #218054 by pukku, Arancaytar: precision and scale arguments were not in proper order in SQL generation (critical)
* #218539 by keith.smith: more prominent mention of the security awareness / documentation of Drupal
* #218313 by jvandyk: uppercase forum topic sort ordering (minor)
* #218116 by greggles: better documentation for session_save_session() for security education
* #218403 by dmaz: avoid duplication in search index, when the database collation makes the words collide (critical)
* #218915 by jakeg, keith.smith: arry syntax error in watchdog() use in file_save_upload()
* #215308 by Pancho: 'Testing clean URLs...' was not removed in all cases when being checked
* #216515 by chx and myself: cached forms made all subsequent forms on the page cached (critical); and a comment op check was buggy
* #214209 patch by pwolanin and myself: do not allow users to post type of posts they are not configured to be able to post with Blog API (critical)
* #217508 by boydjd, Pancho, keith.smith: incorrect and misleading of use i.e., where e.g. should have been used
* #216813 by David_Rothstein, chx, pwolanin: primary and secondary links were broken on upgrade
* #219366 by pwolanin: let external links appear in the system admin blocks
* #219334 report by catch, patch by myself: upload table created in upgrade and upload table created by upload module enabled later collides
* #117748 by webchick, Pancho, Rob Loach, pwolanin: required field values were not properly trim()ed on validation
* #216904 by theborg, pwolanin: items were not properly ordered in tabledrag.js when more then the number of possible values
* #211979 by theborg, chx, pwolanin: menu items moved out of the navigation menu were not found as parents
* #184926 by Rob Loach: offline message was displayed to admin right after switching offline mode off
* #139290 by dgtlmoon, msameer, ChrisKennedy, Freso, Rob Loach, matt@antinomia, Arancaytar: blog page was blank when user / site had no blog posts to display
* #216511 by vladimir.dolgopolov: XHTML validation failed due to a misused & (minor)
* #209240 by gopherspidey, soxofaan: fix settings file checking for multisite setups, and a bad file name used in an error message
* #219380 by chx: bring back support for queries without WHERE clause to db_rewrite_sql() (regression)