Drupal 6 RC3 is now available

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Drupal 6 RC3 is now available HERE Drupal 6 RC3 Release Note We are proud to present the third release candidate of Drupal 6.0. We hope that this will be the final release candidate before we can make an official release of Drupal 6.0. Since the second release candidate, we have fixed various issues including JavaScript performance problems, cleaned up menu updates, added several improvements to the update.module, and added a memory requirements check to update.php. We have even added some small usability improvements since RC2. Status of some of the most well known modules: CCK has a Drupal 6 compatible development version available for testing purposes, and a beta release is expected to be available soon, while a final, stable release will likely be delayed until a 6.x release of Views is ready for testing (more status information). Views is undergoing major changes, and will likely not be ready before the middle of February at the earliest. Drupal.org has not yet been upgraded to the latest Drupal 6 development version since some contributed module dependencies are not yet ready. The biggest obstacles to getting drupal.org updated are the 6.x updates for project module, and image module. Project module has also been making changes that will make it dependent on Views for some functionality. This release candidate fixes a security vulnerability. Those running the previous release candidate are urged to upgrade immediately. For more details, please see the security announcement: * SA-2008-016 - OpenID - Incorrect claimed_id returned for OpenID 2.0 In addition to this security vulnerability, the following bugs have been fixed since the first release candidate: * #208427 report by Pancho, patch by dvessel: strpos() parameters were flipped in color module, resulting in bad colors * #208197 by dvessel: back to cloning the table header only in tableheader.js (fixes radio button issues and Safari 2 crashing) * - Patch #210140 by dww: fixed code comment: 'default_major' is now deprecated in favor of 'supported_majors'. * - Patch #209236 by traxer: added a validation function for the poll form. * - Patch #206495 by jvandyk: improved consistency of trigger descriptions. * - Patch #208926 by keith.smith: fixed broken link. The external link to the RSS specification changed. * - Patch #115606 by Junyor, thesaint_02: added support for PHP 5.2's 'recoverable fatal errors'. * - Patch #209034 by theborg: fixed small code style error that generates warnings. * - Patch #210141 by dww (with some modifications by me): implement hook_flush_caches(). * #201540 follow up by zoo33: move jpeg quality validation to where it belongs, so it is only called if the current image toolkit requires it * #209584 by Rob Loach: 404/403 validation is also done in runtime so to allow more flexibility here, remove the submission time validation * #209045 by keith.smith: small typo in INSTALL.txt * #208991 by JirkaRybka: target sticky table headers to Drupal output tables only, so it won't sticky random tables in other site content * #190729 by aufumy, Pasqualle, slightly modified: report incompatibility early, if the dependencies key is not an array in the .info file * #209077 by bec: missing initialization for the placeholders array in drupal_write_record() * #200674 by scor, catch: update.php should inform users if their memory limit will possibly result in a WSOD * #196630 follow up by JirkaRybka: fix theme location information in maintenance theming, so IE6 fix CSS is loaded properly * #189785 by dropcube: anonymous users did not have permission to view the personal contact form, so catch them early * #210141 follow up by dww: cleaning up some code comments * #201641 by Ralf Stamm, Pancho: sort themes by their .info name, not their file name (just like modules) * #208938 by bjaspan, scor: use schema PI for index updates instead of database dependent code * #210211 by chx, theborg: removing the broken admin user search, which would provide the same as the public facing user search anyway * #210260 by dropcube: kill notice when anonymous users uses site-wide contact form * #208991 follow up by dvessel: forgot to mark the blocks table with sticky-enabled * #209242 by dww: local .info file changes (ie. updated code) was not taken properly into account in update module * #201641 by Ralf Stamm, Pancho: sort admin themes by info name as well * #209720 by theborg: avoid processing resizable teasers before teaser.js is run and the proper wrappers are in place * #211060 by boydjd: do not display the taxonomy-term-description div when there is no description * #208602 by KarenS: add support for aborting all updates of one module, when a critical error happens * #211322 by keith.smith: drag and drop documentation for input formats was missing, damn * #211322 follow up by catch: forums also support drag and drop, mention in changelog * #211443 by dropcube: kill a feed warning on taxonomy pages * #200210 by gaele: more accessible color contrast in Garland error messages * #210936 by Pancho: some padding around taxonomy descriptions on taxonomy pages, so that they get more breathing space * #211067 by webchick: blogapi_mt_get_post_categories() not using taxonomy_node_get_terms() properly * #211359 by chx: make dead menu items disappear on a Drupal 6 upgrade * #211353 follow up by JirkaRybka: ensure that on upgrades, if the file_directory_path was not set, set it to the Drupal 5 default * #210479 by catch, dvessel: add newlines to list items, so inline display and RTL issues are resolved * #208498 by pwolanin: remove pager from menu admin page (for big menus, you will need to use a contrib module) * #208602 follow up by myself and webernet: invert conditional to properly update schema versions, when needed * #212285 by wrwrwr: hr should be treated as a block level tag * #211404 by dvessel: improve tableheader.js performance in all browsers, solves freeze in IE7 * #195283 by pwolanin: code documentation for the 'forms' function group * #211876 by hass: typo in profile module docs * #212050 by keith.smith: JS compression was removed, but not from the changelog * #209409 by Heine, webernet, dww: more accurate register globals value checking * #210335 by keith.smith: highly confusing example in trigger module help, use a better one instead * #206778 follow up by dvessel: better filtering for subtheme files * #211403 by dww: Removed fallback code for determining the project based on the directory. * #211053 by momendo: poll submission and editing field columns fixed * #119038 by ximo, Pancho: user role editing usability: include disabled checkbox for authenticated role * #212813 by dww: link project status information to the admin/reports/updates page (usability) * #212409 by theborg: avoid calling check_plain() twice on menu links * Outdated use of watchdog() noticed while creating translation templates * #213172 by skiquel: let color module run properly without a base image * #213064 by dvessel: fix sticky table headers bug when resizing * #194494 by Jax, slightly expanded: unify empty password handling is MySQL and MySQLi installer and runtime drivers * #208768 by dvessel, Arancaytar: language direction should be in the HTML source, so it is more accessible even without CSS * Three remaining instances of t() use in system module update code removed. * #204411 by catch: elevate MySQL requirements to 4.1.1 (the first production MySQL 4.1.x was 4.1.5 anyway) * #107375 follow up by zeta-zoo: fixed incorrect description for MySQL's 'Select_range_check' * #213319 by add1sun: minor code documentation fix at template_preprocess_block() * #211742 by theborg, chx: detect and solve the problem when blocks are assigned to invalid regions (happens in theme development) * #212921 by fgm: remove unused reference on update_process_info_list() parameter list, which causes strict warnings in PHP 5 * #205067 by asimmonds: kill notice in install.php when the profile is not yet set * #204411 by chx, slightly modified: heal a possible MySQL import error when the anonymous user becomes broken * #194327 by dvessel, David_Rothstein, catch, theborg: IE form submission button correction was buggy * #212126 report by salvis, patch by myself: allow clearing of drupal_html_to_text() URL list, so it can be used multiple times on the page * #214213 by keith.smith: fix broken link in INSTALL.txt * #205523 by assimonds: (minor) add missing CVS Id tags * #213150 by Lynn: fix HTML validation problem with node term listings * #214058 by catch, Arancaytar: forum form alter was mistakenly dropping the parent field in all taxonomy forms * #187075 by dvessel: do not compute a breadcrumb for the home page (regression) * #200028 by agentrickard, dww: cache more project module data, so there is less burden on Drupal when generating admin pages (performance) * #214579 by keith.smith: vocabulary drag and drop was not properly documented (string change) * #204415 by Lynn, traxer, pwolanin: migrate node type URLs to a path model based on menu paths, so conflicts between action and node type names are not a problem * #212864 suggestion by pp, patch by gdevlugt: use format_date() for RSS item dates instead of date() to honor site time zone settings * #172571 by fgm, slightly modified: document that theme_xml_icon() was superceded in most cases by theme_feed_icon() * #207330 by c960657: allow custom URL rewriter to work on base_url and fix urlencoding of front page URL with a path prefix * #208888 by jvandyk: set access time when externally authenticated user first logs in * #206955 follow up by merlinofchaos: avoid misusing default values for image buttons * #206881 by ScoutBaker: (minor) fix whitespace at TRANSLATION_ENABLED, so the phpdoc shows up properly * #214922 by Eaton: fix code typo which prevented from image buttons in a tree form from working * #213657 by dopry and moshe weitzman: typo in rss feed build mode and better link handling * #207029 by JohnAlbin: some menu item properties were not passed along for theming (regression) * #213517 by ax: inline documentation cleanup, fixing four unclosed @defgroups * #193331 by ufku: the replace parameter was not used in file_save_upload() as documented, fix this * Translating menu items and taxonomies is not a core feature, so do not mislead users. Noticed while translating to Hungarian. * #213664 by chx, theborg: menu item not expanded on front page * #210219 by htalvitie, yched: initialize block caching properties properly on install (and update bugos RC2 sites as well) * #210219 follow by myself: update_sql() does not support placeholders, so we should compose our own SQL ourselfs * #215303 by Pancho, slightly modified: clean URL test support text was not green if not using JS * #214292 by theborg: collapse.js alters the default submit buttons in forms in Internet Explorer * #215361 by bec: phpdoc for menu_load_objects(), _menu_item_localize() and _menu_link_translate() * #202382 by Pasqualle and Pancho: phpdoc improvements and code style fixes in node module * #215252 by bdragon: reset the cache flush variable before the cache is flushed, so busy sites will not attempt multiple cache flushes at a time * #208556 by Pancho: fix broken display of OpenID links * #215335 by jvandyk: fix user_login_submit() phpdoc * #79018 by pwolanin, catch, Morbus Iff: document how can one hide CHANGELOG.txt, etc. to improve security a slight bit * #207863 by mikey_p, Pancho: use module_load_include() as intended * #214329 by starbow: avoid attaching scroll behavior multiple times * #215454 by keith.smith: cleaning up some language in INSTALL.txt * #215848 by simonc: SMALLTEXT is not a valid MySQL type, TINYTEXT is there instead * #208858 by theborg, gdevlugt: fix forum node and comment counting, taking term revisioning into account * #216014 report by meba, patch by myself: menu_install() did not use get_t() for its menu item creation * #105405 by chx, Pancho: (regression) remove web server version checking; it is not in Drupal 5; Apache 1.3 is surpassed for a long time now * #215127 by chx, webernet, catch; testing by theborg: menu item parenting was broken when moving menu items * #216042 by Eaton: provide the complete form to element validators as well (critical regression for CCK) * #216022 reported by johnnysxip, patch by walkah: (SA-2008-016) OpenID - Incorrect claimed_id returned for OpenID 2.0 and other minor OpenID 2.0 compliance fixes * #200028 follow up by dww: clear update module cache on update.php run as well

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