New Facebook Poke app is released to iOS Devices

Facebook has released a new messaging app named Poke. An app that allows users to send messages and will disappear after up to 10 seconds. It looks like they are competing with Snapchat app that provided the same functionality. Currently, the Poke messaging app will allow messages to be sent between Facebook friends on iOS only. The messages can be expired after 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds after being opened. The app also have a report feature to report unwanted messages. iOS users can download iTunes Store as of now.

Evan spiegel, the Snapchat co-founder and CEO seems to be pride with this Facebook moved and responsed to The Verge "Welcome, Facebook. Seriously"

The recipients of the Poke message is required to touch the screen in order to keep it open. If there is any screenshot captured the messages, the users will be warned. An Poke app is required to see the message.


Facebook Poke AppFacebook Poke App
Facebook Poke AppFacebook Poke App


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